The Crazy

So, I went ahead and ordered myself this softbox kit from Amazon PhotoSEL LS21E52 Professional Softbox Studio Lighting Kit with 2x85w 5400K CRI>90 Bulbs, 40x60cm Softboxes   as I would like to get into studio photography. I have to say, for the price I am quite impressed although the build quality is not superb. As a beginner to studio lighting I would recommend this kit.

Here is one of my first results (ignore crazy pose):

The Crazy


New Website

It was about time; here it is, the launch of my new website. It is not complete; there is still a lot of photographs to upload, however, I wanted to finally get it up and running. Please feel free to leave any constructive comments at the bottom of this blog post. In the meantime, enjoy the site here.

The End of an EOS

Upon upgrading to the 5D I have realised that I will need to part way with my beloved 450d along with the two EF-S lenses I own as the 5D does not support EF-S lenses. If anybody is interested in purchasing a starter dlsr then I would recommend the 450d so please get in touch.

For those who are interested in buying this kit, along with the 450d body and the two EF-S lenses I will be giving the buyer a free 58mm polarising lens filter (see here) and free camera armour (see here) which.

A New Beginning

Hi and welcome to my photography blog, a place to post and share my passion for photography. I have been taking photographs for many years starting out messing around with my father’s first original compact sony cybershot (the one that was as heavy as a brick, as expensive as a computer and only had 1 or 2 Megapixels). I then decided to bridge the gap between compacts and slr’s by purchasing an in-between – a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ8. With this I started to learn about photography and was hooked. Back in 2008 I purchased a Canon EOS 450d which was my first full manual dslr. I have been exctremely happy with this over the last 4 years but have finally decided that with what I have learnt over the last 7-8 years I would finally invest in a pro dslr – I introduce the Canon EOS 5D Mark II – my new toy.